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"I know you are not far away. I feel your presence around me. Our love binds us together always. We two, are one, eternally." Unknown   

I would like to not only honor 

my daughter and brother 

but my grandma and great grandmothers 

who were healers!  God Bless them!

My Brother and I, as kids, on our farm.

























 When I was 19 my brother and best friend past away from cancer.  He fought a battle for 2 years and lost in 1969.  He had been instrumental in all aspects of my life and I loved him deeply as did our community. Greg was an engineer and worked for Honeywell in our small town before Honeywell became big.  He helped design a switch on the camera that the astronauts used to take photos on the moon.  He had a dream of becoming an astronaut but because of asthma he could not go into the service. The switch was his way of following his dream.  So the moon landing was so important to our family.   He past away on November 13th, 1969.

  I tell you this because this is where my journey to the other side began.  Three nights after his death I had an awful nightmare.  I must have screamed and I felt, what I thought was my mothers' hand, and woke.  What I woke to see was the figure of my brother in etheric form.  He stood over me holding my hand for only a few seconds.  Then he disappeared and instantly the room was full of love...each and every space felt like heaven.  It changed my life.  

For years I sought after what had happened to me.  Read books by Ruth Montgomery , the great medium, also  writings about the legendary  Edgar Cayce.  I also lost many people I love between then and now...but the death that sent me into true despair was the loss of my baby daughter, Hope.  Even though the experience, over 24 years earlier with my brother, educated me to the fact that we live on;  I was not prepared for this loss.  This grief was beyond understanding.  

Then one day, 13 years after Hope's death, while working with teens at my job; I heard a voice of a loved one of one of the teen.  I did not tell the child what I was hearing only asked her if her grandmothers' name was Rose..."yes"...did she live in such and such house....the questions kept coming.  Finally, she asked me if I was hearing from her.  I told her yes.  Thinking the youngster would be afraid and confused, she was not. 

That was my first reading.  The word spread through the teens and they would come around in groups when they saw me alone asking to speak with grandpa, aunt, or mother. I wanted to careful. I did not want the parents to hear through the grape vine what I was doing ... so asked the teens to ask parents if it was ok.  I became amazed to hear that mom's and dad's wanted a reading.  As the bible says, "and the children shall lead them" was the kids that opened the door to heaven.  After all my daughter would be just their age now in heaven.  Ever since I have been helping others to speak with their loved ones.  This has been the most rewarding part of my life.  

PLEASE look through my pages and contact me if you would like to have a reading.

Remember there is always HOPE!!!! 





Steve Spahn ex student and friend composed the music and played the song.

Over the past year Alice has added a new level to her work.  She has begun to paint visions that she has had while doing readings for clients.  Here are an  a few:

This is a vision a clients husband who had passed gave me to give to his wife.  He told me he wanted to give her flowers and then showed me this field of yellow flowers. I presented this to her on the anniversary of his death.

I found this young man in the dark.  He was caught between here and the light.  He felt he needed to stay close to his mother because of her grief.  Because of our reading he was able to cross with the help of some light beings.  This is what I saw upon his leaving.  He told me to tell his mother he loved her.