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How to Prepare for a Reading or Attending a Group Session

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This page is for those of you who have never attended sessions or met with someone like myself.  Groups and individual meetings can be quite different.  Several things are the same...your excitement, reservations, and expectations.


 1.  Being excited is a good thing.  That means you believe this can and will happen for matter your reason for coming.  It also means you have energy up and running which helps me to connect with you and your loved ones.


 2.  Reservations are only natural.   Unless you are true believer you will have reservations about whether it works and how can I do this. In fact, I like it if you have some doubt, it means you are a thinker and just a blind follower....thinkers tend to be really good for a reading.  But of course too much doubt blocks the energy. It is like a short in the current in the flow of energy. And if you doubt too much you will not come...just healthy reservations

        are good. 


 3  Expectations are my biggest problem in doing a reading for you.  Of are coming to see me for a reason and wanting to connect with a certain loved one.  However, Please come with an open mind.  Many times the person does come through...they themselves have arranged our meeting for a message.  But other times they do not for whatever reason.  So keep your mind open.  Many others come through for other reasons and people we had forgotten or did not even know well.  I like to tell the story of a woman who came to see me and had driven a distance to do so.   The very first thing :

I heard a man by the name of Paul...she sat and thought but could not come up with who that could be.  This guy did not want to leave me I persisted...he told me he knew her as a child...still nothing.  Then he showed me...he lived next door.  THEN she busted out saying..."Oh my gosh, that was my neighbor Paul and when I was 10 he hung himself at his home." He had come to say how sorry he was to have done what he did and how it must have been devastating as a young child to learn how he died...he was asking for forgiveness.  This was huge for the woman.
  •  SO we never know who will show up!

             When you come please have an open mind and open heart.  You see I use you as a 'conduit' to reach those on the other side.  It is all about energy.  If someone is doubting a lot or just can not understand how it would will be very hard for me to read you and the spirit. 

Sometimes the the person on the other side is SO STRONG it over powers your doubt and I am given a specific event or visual image only they and you know.  That shuts down the doubt and the reading is done easily. 

That also sometimes shocks you and I need to do work with you after the reading because it has changed your view of after life and your life. 

For example:  I read a friend one evening.  My husband had gone to bed and I decided to stay up and talk with my friend about my work.  He was a non-believer and wanted to ask me questions.  So we sat and talked and then he said: "Read me"  I told him I thought that would not be a good idea.  That is because when I read people who are not ready to hear what the other side has to say it shocks them or changes them instantly and it is hard to deal with. That big of a realization could be risky.  But no he said he was ready...and I persisted again that I did not think it a good idea...finally I said "OK  but I warned you"

You see I knew he thought it was a game...and would disprove me.
  Well, needless to said after the reading he sat there literally with his mouth hanging open and in a dazed look.  I asked him if he was ok...he shook his head YES.  Then said:" how did you do that.  You don't know those relatives or even how much they meant to can this be.  What do I do now?  I never believed in an after life or a power beyond"  We talked and when it was time to go home, I thought I might have to drive him.  It changed his life and our friendship for the better.


For many who have seen mediums or psychics before, it is even harder.  There is an element of...

"OK now prove to me...I know the real ones" 

That is very disruptive to me reading you.  Please leave that position at home.  


 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please no drinking or use of recreational drugs before a reading...this is very disruptive to the energy .  Before a reading find a private and quiet place.  Never do a reading with me while driving.


So what I ask is to arrive with excitement, hope, open mind, and ready for

a great new experience...I never know what will come and neither do you...

it is a whole new experience each time. 


I look forward to seeing you at my group, at a private session, or over the


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