Messages of Hope

Voices from the Other side


Readings sometimes reveal information that the person being read needs more.


This may be grief work or it may have something to do with physical work connected to emotional issues. 

Techniques range from hypnotherapy to guided intuitive counseling.  You can request certain techniques

but I am usually guide by spirit on how to move.  I use Bach Flower remedies, gems,visualizations, cleansing, chakras

work, and more to aid in the healing, again led by spirit instruction.


Counseling can be in person or over the follow up is a part of the cost...and deeply.  


 A recommendation from a long time client of over 2 years:

 I met Alice during a time of despair.  It was early 2010 around April and I had been going through a rough patch in my personal life.  I went to conventional therapist but it did not really work.  I still felt stuffed inside.  I could not get out what i wanted to get out .  That is when I started looking for something different. I wanted to connect spiritually with someone.  So I went online and I came across Alice's web site.  I called her immediately and that day she said that she would call me back the next day.  I played it cool with her but all I wanted to do was talk to someone right away.  She called me back within half an hour and said that she sensed that I really really needed to talk to someone. Ever since that day I was grateful that she called me back so quickly.  

Alice has become a great friend since that April.   Although she is a medium she has truly become a friend and confidant.  You can almost say she is my spiritual therapist.  We used to talk almost everyday but now its more so a random phone call or email just to say Hi.  Alice made me connect spiritually with myself and I am forever grateful for her opening new doors in my life.  She made me realize I really was not "living" life.   If you need someone to talk to call Alice.  If you need someone to connect to I say call Alice, as well.  She is amazing at what she does and somewhat creepy at times...Ha Ha.  She has told me things that no one knows except her and I.  She has also told me things about the future that has come true.  I am a believer in Alice.  I can honestly say that having met Alice I have become a more compassionate, understanding, patient, sincere, and loving man...thanks Alice!, 


If you feel you could benefit from these services please call  928-274-5607 and ask about Spiritual  Counseling.  



 Or become a Monthly Client for only $300.00 and get individual attention on an ongoing to learn more. 928-274-5607